Project Development
Film Production

Film Production in Hollywood and Asian Countries

IGL-Art produces international films with companies from Hollywood, Greater China, India, Southern East Asia and other countries. Our business strategy helps us produce "Lower Budget" films as compared to many major studios. It has Hollywood based "High Quality Image Production" and the marketing of "World Distribution".


Low Budget Production

We provide low budget entertainment productions for Hollywood films which are between $1M to $10M.  In Japan, it will be considered as a high budget production. However, considering the international market, the risk is not high as such films will be distributed around the world compared to the risks of Japanese films whose distribution is limited to Japanese market only. We have the know-how in Japan to produce a low-budget film and we are implementing that on Hollywood market as well, so the low budget production can be realized.


High Quolity Production Line

We construct the original film production line based on the methods which have been used by Hollywood filmmakers and legendry Japanese filmmakers. We follow the writing techniques which include Akira Kurosawa’s co-writing system and Hollywood co-writing system/analysis/rewriting, and create our own original screenplay. We introduce Hollywood film shooting and post-production styles in Japan. We also coordinate with the filming location and CGI/VFX images with Hollywood film production companies.


Profit-making by Worldwide Distribution

Our international network expands through Japan, U.S., Greater China, India, South-East Asia (Singapore, Thailand etc.), Europe, Australia and other countries. We can get not only investment but connection of distribution from these countries. By worldwide distribution, we will be able to make a scheme that can avoid the risk for recoupment of investment, and bring high profit.

Supporting and Consulting of Film, Video and Other Media Making

We produce our original media productions and support to various media business for other companies. Please contact us for the development of films, writing screenplay, film shooting support, construction of marketing strategy, and development to worldwide promotion.


Film Funding Support

We have connections with potential investors and producers in many countries and we can approach them to get the necessary funding especially from Greater China, India and also from other countries. Particularly for the Hollywood film projects which has a budget of over 1Million USD. In case of Japanese projects, we can only support animated films.


Support with Actors and Talent Management

We provide support to Asian actors and talents who aim to act worldwide. We also conduct trainings for acting, action and stunt to support the talents.