Sounosuke Kita
Producer / Director / Writer
Chief Producer of IGL-Art / Film Director / Screenplay Writer : After he worked at some Japanese ad agencies, he founded his own company. He got a lot of experiences about film production and direction of Japanese and overseas film projects. And he also supported distribution of oversea films. He has been constructing the particular scheme of international film production. Now he is collaborating with Hollywood film productions and networking Greater China, India and other countries. His main purpose is expanding Japanese and Asian deepest thought and culture for world peace. His knowledge covers not only about film-making but also art related business and IT technology.
Hiroshi Chikasada
CEO of Alchemy Bros. - a film production and distribution company at Tokyo. : He worked at VAP Inc. that is a subsidiary company of Nippon Television Network Corporation, and produced many animated films and live action movies. He collaborated with Tsuburaya Productions that had created "Godzilla", and revived "Ultra Seven". After that, he produced a lot of SFX movies. In 1998, he founded the project of promoting young girl talent named "Nittere-Genic". Since 2001, he had been a judge for the beauty contest named "Miss Magazine".

"Black Film" (2014 / Producer), "Nemurihime" (2014 / Producer), "Kazakiriha" (2013 / Producer) , "Enkirimura" (2011 / Producer)、"Mirrorman Reflex" (2006 / Producer), "Happy People" (1997 / Producer), & etc.

"Motto Atuizo! Nekogaya!!" (2011 / NBN / Producer), "ULTRASEVEN X" (2007 / CBC / Producer), "Jiku Keisatsu WeckerSigna" (2007 / TOKYO MX / Producer), "Mayonaka no Syojo MAYA" (2003 / BS Nittere / Producer), "Moon Spiral" (1996 / NTV / Producer)

Vik Paliwal
Assistant Producer
Vikash Paliwal, known professionally as Vik Paliwal, is an assistant producer. He graduated from Jawaharlal Nehru University, India. He has worked as one of the voice actors for a Japanese animated film “Gyakusatsu Kikan” and has also played cameo in a few TV series such as “Sekai Fushigi Hakken”, “TBS Nyusu na futari” etc. He was also the Interpreter to Director for the shooting of TOSHIBA’s Elvis CM in India. He has held position as business language trainer at Fujitsu Japan as well. Presently, he is working as an assistant producer for a short film “Pieces of You” and “Intelligent Valley”.

"Intelligent Valley" (Assistant Producer), "Pieces of You" (Short / Producer, "Gyakusatsu Kikan"(2017 / Voice Actor)

"Sekai Fushigi Hakken" (TBS / Cameo), "Nyusu na futari" (TBS / Cameo)

Orbis Global Entertainment

American Film Production Company

Alchemy Bros.

Japanese Film Production & Distribution Company

AKIBA Media Academy

Voice Actor & Talent School

Tenshinsho Jigenryu Hyoho

Japanese Traditional Martial Arts