Sounosuke Kita

北 宗羽介

He has been interested in comics, animated films and live action films since his childhood. Especially Charles Chaplin, Akira Kurosawa, Alfred Hitchcock and other great filmmakers. He started to make films and stages at his junior-high.
After graduated university, he worked at some Japanese ad agencies, and then he founded his own company. He developed businesses about ad creation, film-making, IT related (mainly software development) and etc.
He collaborated with some famous Japanese film producers, and produced some films aimed to limited road show. Simultaneously, he supported to some projects of oversea film shooting and distribution involved with U.S., Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and etc.
After that, he deepened the cooperation with Hollywood filmmakers and construct the scheme of international film production in an honest way. Furthermore, he is deepening the network with Greater China, India, Singapore, Mid East, Australia, Europe and etc.
He has been studying about Japanese and Asian traditional thoughts and cultures. His main purpose is expanding those thoughts and cultures for world peace.
He knows about Chinese and Japanese traditional practical martial arts. He respects Akira Kurosawa very much and studied huge things from Kurosawa's films. He is trying to integrate those techniques to Hollywood action movie style.
He majored in Computer technology and Artificial Intelligence related technology when he was in the university. His themes of sci-fi movies are based on those experiences and knowledge.

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Audio Drama

  • Igaryu-Momochi no Syowa Roman Tantei-Roku (2018  / Original Story & Writer)
  • Shinriki-Idol Miyabino Sisters (2017  / Original Story & Writer)



 Computer manufacturers, Toy manufacturers, Home electronics manufacturer, Real Estate Companies, Manegement Consultant, Food Services, Relaxation, etc.



  • The Wings of Vermilion Bird (2009 / Kanagawa Prefectural Youth Center  / Producer)
  • Park (2008 / Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre / Co-Producer)
  • The Legend of Lion King (2007 / Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre / Co-Producer)
  • Danny and the Deep Blue Sea (1995 / Writer : John Patrick Shanley / Translator : Sayuri Suzuki / Director)
  • etc.