The Sword of Giyaman (short)

The true way of real samurai is NOT to kill the people.

The late of 19th century, Japan was changing to the modernized society rapidly. Jotaro who had wanted to be a samurai became to a police officer in the end. His father-in-law said, "the new Japanese society is filled with deception", and aimed to resist the new Meiji Government. But he was shot to death suspicious. Then, the murder cases that the descendants of samurai had been killed happened oftenly. Jotaro became to participate to the investigation...


Starring : Kazuya Aoki, Akihiro Ohya, Chika Kuboyama, Shin Yamamoto, Mai Sasaki, Chisako Ike, Nanayo Kurata, Ryuji Kato & etc.

Original Story, Writer, Director & Producer : Sounosuke Kita / Cinematographer : Yoshikazu Yagishita (J.S.C.) / Production Company : IGL-Art / 2015